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Deadlings review

Deadlings review android game

Deadlingsis a new and interesting game which recently arrived to Google Play. The hero of this game is Death itself. He is bored like never before. To make things worst, citizens are rioting against zombies that occupied the towns and villages. This is the moment when Death decided to take the action and make some needed changes.

Shadow Blade Review

Shadow Blade Review

Crescent Moon Games in cooperation with Dead Mage Studio created a new platform game with amazing controls and even better gameplay. Shadow Blade features excellent touch screen controls, ideal for mobile devices. With easy and intuitive gestures you shall easily control your ninja hero, utilize special moves and guide him in his adventures. Shadow Blade is easy to understand and enjoy, even by youngest players.

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Review

GT Racing 2 Review

GT Racing 2 is one of the best driving simulation games available for android. With well-developed campaign mode, great choice of cars, variety of tracks, and very good graphics, this game is a must have for any racing simulation fan.

Despicable Me Review

Despicable Me

If you’ve seen the movie, you are quite familiar with the weird-looking yellow creatures. Now they are available at your mobile device, thanks to Gameloft. You will control one of the minions leading him to glory, supporting his efforts to win the trophy awarded to the minion of the year. As for gameplay, I have no choice but saying this is just another Temple Run clone. But don’t let that fact discourage you from downloading the game. Keep reading.

Fruit Ninja Free Review

Fruit Ninja Free

Have you ever wished to have a razor-sharp katana, and a friend who is so desperate for your company that he would be prepared to keep buying tons of fruit everyday and throwing it up in the air, just so you could have fun slicing them to half? Well, neither have I. But people from Halfbrick Studios obviously have. So they made an android app that can do it for them. To their pleasant surprise, more than 500,000,000 of people liked the idea and downloaded their app.

Car Wash & Design Review

car wash

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Whoever said this obviously didn’t have to deal with Car Wash & Design. Before I write any game review, I play the game first, and before that, I need to go to Google Play and download it. And while I’m there, I usually look at the game description left by the developer. Of course it’s not the most objective and realistic description of the game you can get, but it usually gives you an idea what the game is all about, and what are the game’s features in general.

Temple Run 2 Review

Temple run 2

If a game has more than 170 million downloads, it’s not hard to guess that there’s going to be a sequel, and it also doesn’t come as surprise that the sequel doesn’t change the basic concept of the original game. That is the case with one of the most popular android games, the Temple Run. With core concept intact; improved graphics, new power-ups and some gameplay improvements, people from Imangi Studios has once again proven they know their market very well.

Hill Climb Racing Review

Hill Climb Racing

It is hard to explain how a game with poor graphics, annoying music, and completely unoriginal idea can be a good game. However, that is exactly the case with Hill Climb Racing. As a matter of fact, the game is very good, and even more addictive. The whole idea of the game is very simple. You are driving one of the 14 different vehicles, up and down the endless series of hills, holes, and bumps, collecting coins and fuel cans along the way.

Construction City Review

Construction City Android

Construction City is a 2D construction-based puzzle game, which allows you to sit behind the controls of 12 different heavy machines and vehicles, including forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, trucks, and others. Game requires a lot of patience, precision, thinking, and creativity. However, it is very intuitive and easy to play, and quite addictive as well.

Subway Surfers Review

subway surfers android

Subway Surfers is a 3rd person runner game, in many ways similar to the Temple Run and other games of that kind. Still, this game is unique and definitely isn’t a simple Temple Run copycat. It is in many ways similar to the Temple Run, but Subways Surfers has a unique story, vivid cartoon-like graphics, fantastic gameplay, progression and reward system that keeps you going, different characters, and high addictiveness.