Ball Travel 3D Alpha Review

Ball Travel 3D Alpha

It is impressive how such a simple game as Ball Travel 3D Alpha can be so addictive and entertaining. Player controls a ball and guides it through various levels. There are different obstacles that make movement of the ball more challenging and amusing. As said above, the game is quite simple in every way. Player’s task is very clear – guide the ball to the end of the level. Gameplay is also very simple – it is just pure physics. Controls are comprised of virtual gamepad, with eight different directions. Player moves the ball by using these eight arrows. Speed of the ball is control by the gamepad as well, but gravity and different objects have great impact too. The ball is moving through various slides, funnels, rails and so on. There are different obstacles, holes, platforms and other structures that could help you or make your job harder.

The Ball Travel 3D is still in its Alpha version, which means you will have only seven levels at your disposal. Some levels will keep you occupied long enough, because many of them require not only skill, but also need you to use logic and creativity. Game developer stated that there are only seven levels made because he wanted to see how good reception the game is going to get from the players, before entering such a demanding project. If playing community likes the game, he is going to add 23 more levels, totaling respectable 30 levels. And judging by the number of downloads, the average rating, and most of the players’ comments, Ball Travel 3D will provide the additional 23 levels for sure. When it is going to happen, it is hard to say. If we consider the fact that new levels will have to be more and more complex, it might take a while, unless game developer bring some extra hands into work.

Ball Travel 3D Alpha

Nothing is perfect, so this game is not an exception. The camera is not auto-adjustable. It needs to be rotated manually by player (left-right rotation in four different positions), which doesn’t let you relax and enjoy the game in its full capacity. Many people will find this camera concept so annoying that it will make them decide to uninstall the game – which is a shame by the way, since game has lot of potential. Hopefully, the update will take care of this.

The final verdict is quite simple: Good game – very simple, great physics, challenging and addictive. Just improve the camera concept and add more levels – and it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

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