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“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Whoever said this obviously didn’t have to deal with Car Wash & Design. Before I write any game review, I play the game first, and before that, I need to go to Google Play and download it. And while I’m there, I usually look at the game description left by the developer. Of course it’s not the most objective and realistic description of the game you can get, but it usually gives you an idea what the game is all about, and what are the game’s features in general. So I figured I should do the same with this game. And there it stood, the game description. “Oh my god, this great car is so dirty. Help clean this car now! “Wow.

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Now, it’s not so bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that the game is much more simple than we’re all used to. But I guess the game is intended for the kids. First I was about to write the worst review ever, but then I realized – if the game is created for kids (and it is, I checked the developer’s website and looked at their other titles), than I guess it’s OK. It’s simple, there’s no blood and violence, colors are nice. The gameplay is very simple indeed. You get a car. It is dirty. You have five different cleaning tools, which you use to clean the car. Use of the washing tools is also quite simple. For instance, after you grab the sponge and drag it over your dirty car, you leave perfectly clean strip of metal behind.

Something like large-sized eraser in MS Paint… or Mr. Proper commercial. Then you watch the animation of the car going through the washing process. The graphics are actually not so bad. Although rather simple, everything looks smooth. Than you do some customization – painting, artwork, rims… And you watch your clean and customized vehicle on the road. You can take a picture of it and share it with your friends. So, as the Google Play description suggested, the game is very simple. Yet again, I tend to review the game differently if it is clearly intended for children. So don’t be surprised that I say the game is not so bad. I wouldn’t personally play it if it was the last game on Earth, but if I had a kid, I would download it. It could’ve been done better though – with some more details, additional options and so on; but the idea (once again, for a children game) is nice and the kids will probably love it.

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