Deadlings review

Deadlings review

Deadlings is a new and interesting game which recently arrived to Google Play. The hero of this game is Death itself. He is bored like never before. To make things worst, citizens are rioting against zombies that occupied the towns and villages. This is the moment when Death decided to take the action and make some needed changes. He summons all the zombies in his newly founded factory with a idea to convert them into productive citizens. The player must coach zombies and help them overcome challenging obstacles and deadly traps.

Deadlings gameplay


Strategy is the name of the game! In order to beat this action game you need to carefully plan your every move and pay a special attention to timing. You will need to combine different kind of zombies and make them work together. Each type of zombie has it’s unique skills and attributes. Creep, for example, is able to climb and stick to walls. Lazybrain is the most careful of them all. Bonesack can be used to reach distant areas as he jumps really high. Stencher is able to fly by passing gasses as he moves in the air.


Deadlings is free to test and try out, but as the most games nowadays, if you wish to obtain full access you will have to pay total amount of $1.99. Surely, this isn’t the most expensive game on the android market. What you will get in return is over 100 intelligently designed levels and the addictive gameplay which will keep you occupied for hours.

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