Fruit Ninja Free Review

Fruit Ninja Free android review

Have you ever wished to have a razor-sharp katana, and a friend who is so desperate for your company that he would be prepared to keep buying tons of fruit everyday and throwing it up in the air, just so you could have fun slicing them to half? Well, neither have I. But people from Halfbrick Studios obviously have. So they made an android app that can do it for them. To their pleasant surprise, more than 500,000,000 of people liked the idea and downloaded their app. They also took the game, removed the label “free”, removed in-game ads, and added price tag of just little under $1 (OK, there are some other improvements there, but nothing too spectacular). So now, they get pleasantly surprised every month, when the company account receives $500,000 from in-game ads, and another $500,000 from paid-version downloads. That is if you believe the data presented in this article (I do).

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Now, let’s talk about the Fruit Ninja Free, the game. It is very simple. Fruits keep popping into your screen, and you use simple, quick swipes, leading your sword, which cuts the fruit in half. And that’s about it. Sounds simple, and it is indeed. But it is incredibly amusing. The precision of the swipes is fascinating. If brain surgeons or the people from military ever decide to use screen swipes as their preferred method of control their equipment, I sincerely recommend Halfbrick studios for implementing the new technology. Fruit Ninja Free is not too addictive, so you will hardly spend hours slicing the innocent fruit without taking a break. Still, the game is perfect to use to kill some time in the subway, waiting rooms, or at the dinner table while waiting for your date to come back from “refreshing herself”. There are three modes of the game.

Classic mode starts with fruits slowly entering the screen, and the speed gradually increases. You cannot let any fruit reach the bottom of your screen, because if you do that three times, it is game over. There are also bombs, which are occasionally thrown in along with fruit, and if you slice even one bomb, game over. In Dojo section, you can get bomb deflectors (allow you to hit the bomb), as well as other power-ups. You can also get mew swords, backgrounds, and other stuff that will make the game easier or simply more visually appealing. Arcade mode gives you 60 seconds to see how much fruit you can slice. You can slice bombs as many times as you wish, but each time you will lose 10 points. Zen mode is the most relaxed one. There is 90 seconds, and there are no bombs – only you, your faithful katana, and the poor fruit waiting to meet their maker.

To summarize, Fruit Ninja Free is extremely simple, amazing little game, perfect for killing some time here and there. If you by any chance haven’t downloaded it yet, I suggest you to do it. Half of billion people did it already, so if you question my judgment, I guess that number speaks for itself.

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