GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Review

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Review

GT Racing 2 is one of the best driving simulation games available for android. With well-developed campaign mode, great choice of cars, variety of tracks, and very good graphics, this game is a must have for any racing simulation fan.

Racing game lovers who prefer arcade-style racing games should also give this game a chance, since it isn’t actually a 100% “real car experience”. Game is not as realistic and demanding as the title suggests – it could be also handled and enjoyed by the people who don’t have a patience or desire to practice driving for hours in order to master keeping the car on the track for more than 10 seconds. So it is a mix of some sort – mostly a simulation game, but a bit of an arcade as well. For instance, you can smash into walls as much as you like, with the damage usually having only visual impact, without affecting the car performance very much. Controlling the car is moderately demanding – meaning, it takes some skill and practice, but you are not going to end up spinning of the track every time you push the pedal a bit further than you should.

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Campaign mode is done very thoroughly, and it can provide days of playing before you reach the point when you have become “so good and rich that it isn’t fun playing anymore”. It requires a lot of playing (and I mean a lot) before you get enough currency to buy even one new car. And if you buy some upgrades in the meantime… well, you get the idea. Furthermore, the people from Gameloft wanted to make this “real car experience” very real indeed, so they figured that if you want the upgrade done, it’s not enough just to buy the required parts – you also need a mechanic. And to make the experience even more real, they didn’t want to ignore the fact that the mechanic requires time in order to finish the upgrade.

GT Racing 2 android Review

Of course, if you hate waiting, there is always a way to speed things up. Get more mechanics. And what if you cannot afford more mechanics? There’s no need to worry, in-game purchases are coming to the rescue once again. What can you do, that’s how it goes. I am aware that I always keep complaining about these in-game purchases, but I guess it is still better than having to buy a game at the start. This way you have a choice. If you are short on time, you can pay; if you are short on money, time usually isn’t such a big problem; and, if you are short on both money and time, well then I guess you shouldn’t be wasting your time reading the game reviews, wouldn’t you. In any case, this isn’t a major complaint, the gameplay is generally very good.

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Graphics is great – the cars and the environment are done in very good detail, the game runs smoothly, and the sound effects and the music are pretty decent. The choice of cars is amazing, and there are plenty of different racing tracks too, so you will have something to keep you playing for quite a while. If you add the usual addictiveness of career progress mode, you may find yourself spending days playing the GT Racing 2.

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience may not be as real as some people expected it to be, but it is good enough to satisfy the needs of both simulation and arcade oriented players (or at least majority of them). With very good graphics and gameplay, addictive campaign mode, and great choice of cars on one hand, and standard in-game purchases as the only significant complaint on the other, GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience is a game worth installing.

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