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iRunner is a running game with great graphics and gameplay, that will definitely challenge your skills and reflexes. Your hero is a small yellow guy named Mr i and he must travel and survive different types of environments and obstacles. The goal of the game is to complete the stages as fast as you can and reach designated destination and rocket vehicle that will lead you to the next level.

While running you are encouraged to collect coins in the forms of batteries. By collecting gifts the game grants you some awesome bonuses which include cool character skins (I’m Batman), double the points feature and different music effects. If you have a good streak and avoid making mistakes, the game speed will increase therefore making it harder to navigate the level. Each mistake you make will penalize you with additional speed increase.

Game has awesome achievement section which will push your skills to the limit and keep you returning, trying to earn that additional trophy. You will be presented with three game modes: normal game mode, tutorial mode and challenge mode. Last mode is basically endless survival level and it is highly recommended mode if you wish to practice game a bit.

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iRunner has excellent and polished graphics and it is a fun title to play. Music choice and quality is excellent and it greatly enhance gaming experience. Developers should perhaps make this game a bit longer. As soon as you get really hooked, the game quickly ends. Overall, iRunner is fun and addictive title and it will get you entertained for several hours.

If you wish to play iRunner on your mobile device, you can download this game for free on Android market.

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