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Pou is a pet from outer space. Just like any other pet, Pou has its needs – it gets hungry, sleepy, said, or simply eager for some attention. It also gets dirty, sick and gets into all sorts of troubles that require your help. Your task in the game is to take care of Pou’s needs, just as you would do with your real-life pet. You can have a lot of fun in the process, since this android game offers many mini-games, customization options and other interesting features.


pou gameplayWell, Pou is kinda funny-looking, brown, triangular, big-eyed baby alien. I guess that would be the best description in short. Still, one of the greatest aspects of this game is the fact that you can use clothing, accessories, or even makeup, in order to get your own, fully customized pet alien, active at your android 24/7. At the start of the game, Pou does not have a gender, and another nice thing about this game is that you actually choose it yourself. Your Pou will become “a boy or a girl” later on in the game, and the gender will be decided by your choice of Pou’s clothing and similar actions. The entire game has simple, but very clean, neat and attractive design. That goes for all items, backgrounds, as well as for Pou itself.


pou gameplay androidGame is surprisingly entertaining and easy to play at the same time. All interaction between Pou and the environment is performed using drag and drop system, which works with perfect precision and great responsiveness. As we’ve already said, Pou is just like any other pet. It gets hungry, lonely, bored, dirty, angry, tired, and that’s only some of different moods and states your android pet will get into. So you’re supposed to feed it, clean it, give it medication. There is even the option to have a “conversation” with Pou. It is not much of a conversation – you talk, and Pou repeats. Quite simple feature, but kids will probably find it very amusing. Entertaining Pou is the most important aspect of the game. It basically comes down to various mini-games you can play, and by playing these games, you win coins that you can use to buy different backgrounds, clothing and other items that will help you fully-customize your gaming experience. Some of games are really funny and captivating, although most of them are not very original or authentic.


pou gameplay tabletIf you’re in a hurry and need more coins, you can buy them (surprise, surprise). Still, you could earn significant amount of coins by playing, without spending real-life cash. On the other hand, some items will most likely remain out of reach, unless you decide to pay.

As with most other games, it all comes to the choice: what do you value more – your money, or your time. And of course, how addicted you are to the game. And let me tell you, you can get pretty addicted. Still, this game is not for everyone’s taste (but then again, which game is?)

  • Simple and great design
  • Great gameplay
  • Can be very addictive
  • Voice interaction (although quit simple, very amusing for kids)
  • Many people complain, saying the game often “breaks”, requiring re-install (although the update should probably deal with that soon enough)
  • It will not interest everyone

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