Shadow Blade Review

shadow Blade game review

Crescent Moon Games in cooperation with Dead Mage Studio created a new platform game with amazing controls and even better gameplay. Shadow Blade features excellent touch screen controls, ideal for mobile devices. With easy and intuitive gestures you shall easily control your ninja hero, utilize special moves and guide him in his adventures. Shadow Blade is not yet another of ninja games, this game is easy to understand and enjoy, even by youngest players.


The main hero of this games is Kuro, young ninja warrior on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. In this mission, Kuro is searching for the last ninja masters. They will pass the ancient knowledge to him. Of course, in this fast paced action game achieving your objectives is a challenge. In the vast number of intelligently designed levels, our hero must fight, sneak or crawl, use the stealth and avoid traps.


Some levels can be completed just by the use of stealth. Kuro has excellent sneaking and hiding skills at his disposal. However, this approach will not work 100% of time. Sometimes you will have to use raw strength and destroy your enemies. Whenever you have a chance you should carefully plan out your attacks. Kuro is able to perform special attacks, killing his opponent with a single strike. Examples would be jump attack and sneak attack. Each successfully completed level brings you up to three stars. For the maximum number of stars, you should beat the level in a certain time limit. Some levels require collecting one or more items and the stage cannot be beaten without them.

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Every level in Shadow Blade is a bit more tougher and challenging than previous one. At the very start of the level, tasks are easy to complete but as you play along, they become really hard. Shadow Blade features four playable areas, the last one being locked until updates and new levels are released. After beating the game, higher difficulty mode is unlocked. Each playable area features exactly ten unique missions.


Shadow Blade is a interesting and fun game. Levels are designed beautifully while the gameplay is really addictive. Controls are phenomenal and gestures are easy and intuitive. Sadly, the game is not free. You do have a option of testing a couple of levels before purchasing the game. Once you bought the game you will be granted access to each and every update in the future. Since Shadow Blade is highly polished, many more updates are expected. You can play Shadow Blade on your android or iOS device.

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