Temple Run 2 Review

If a game has more than 170 million downloads, it’s not hard to guess that there’s going to be a sequel, and it also doesn’t come as surprise that the sequel doesn’t change the basic concept of the original game. That is the case with one of the most popular android games, the Temple Run. With core concept intact; improved graphics, new power-ups and some gameplay improvements, people from Imangi Studios has once again proven they know their market very well.

Temple run 2 review

If you haven’t played or heard of Temple Run game (which is hard to believe), it is one of the “endless running” games. If you by any chance haven’t played an endless running game before, you can probably guess what it is judging by the name of the genre. Yes, it is actually that simple. You run, run, avoid obstacles, then you run some, and then you die, after which you start running from the beginning. Simple? Yes. Boring? Not at all! Especially not with the Temple Run 2. With the coins collected along the way, you can unlock new characters and buy upgrades for them. The upgrades are different for each character you choose. Besides coins, you collect power-ups, such as the shield, which makes you temporarily invincible, or the magnet, which attracts coins towards you as you run through the temple. There are new obstacles added to the game too, and there are some new features, like zip lining or riding in a cart, which add some more excitement to the game. Occasionally, you will run into small green gems, which will allow you to continue the run after you die. You can use as many of them as you like during one run, but the number of gems required doubles each time. So the first time you need just one, for the second you need two, then four, and so on. That’s the bad thing about the gems. Another bad thing is the fact that you will not find them very often. But, as you might’ve guessed already, you can use in-game purchases to take as many of them as you like (assuming you are willing to spend the money of course). That means that you will probably never be able to reach the highest scores, unless you spend some cash. However, that is something you will just have to learn how to live with, if you wish to play android games these days. On the plus side, the amount of coins you can collect is really great, so you can actually get all upgrades without spending any money whatsoever.

Controls are very simple; everything is done with quick swipes, and tilting your device left and right. Tilting is a new feature, which adds some more finesse to the game, making control of the character more sophisticated and exciting. But the biggest improvement in the game is graphics. Many of you probably thought about the original Temple Run, “wow, what a great game… if only the graphics where just a little better, it would be perfect”. Well, guess what! The graphics isn’t just a little better, it is much better. Not that it matters too much for a high-paced, never-ending running game, but if you wished for a great graphics, your wishes came through.

So if you liked the Temple Run, you will love the Temple Run 2. If you never tried the Temple Run, try this one, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, some people just don’t like this game genre, that’s ok; but for everyone else, this game is something that simply must be added to your game collection.

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