Top News from the world of arcade and flash games. Here you can find plenty descriptions and reviews for some of the most popular arcade games available today.

Coin Apocalypse Review

Coin Apocalypse Review

Vandenn Games has brought us a interesting new game which will test your skills and reflexes. Coin Apocalypse has straightforward goal, collect dropping coins while avoiding meteors. As the game progress, gameplay speed will increase and collecting the coins becomes harder while avoiding asteroids becomes much more challenging.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Review

Hearthstone icon

If you are a fan of trade card games then you will be pleased with the fact that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now in open beta phase. Just like the most TCG, Hearthstone is turn based. Each player have a turn to complete all the moves. However, there are special situation where each player can interrupt other by playing magic cards or invoking hero’s special abilities.

Nidhogg review

Nidhogg feature

Nidhogg is a interesting indie game created by Messhof studio. So far, this game has won many awards and recognitions despite it’s simple gameplay and 8-bit graphics. This is a fast pace game where your goal is to stab the opponent and turn him into bursting cloud of pixels.

10 most selling games of 2013 Infographic

Infographic 10 most selling games of 2013 Infographic

Have you wondered which games were the most popular in 2013? Popular titles and sales numbers can be found in infographic we created for you!

Tentacle Wars Review

Tentacle wars review

Tentacle Wars is highly addicted strategy game which introduce you to the world of fast paced biological warfare on cellular level. It is not ofter that you encounter flash game which incorporates several different successful aspects of logical games.

Zombie Cats Review

zombie cats

Zombie Cats is a great adventure game. In this game you need to guide the dog and help him survive post apocalyptic world crowded with the zombie cats. Actually, this is really fun point & click game. By clicking on different objects on the screen you interact with them and by finding just the right combination of moves you advance to the next stage. Often there is a time limit attached to scene, so you need to move fast.

The Keeper Of 4 Elements Review

the keeper of four elements

The Keeper of 4 elements is the latest strategy game developed by Char Studio. Your goal is to stop evil master from obtaining mystic magic scrolls which would give him a supreme control over four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Final Ninja Review

final ninja

Final Ninja is the constant reminder how far flash games have come in recent years. If you enjoyed playing previous titles that Nitrome games produced, you will most likely enjoy Final Ninja as well. You lead a ninja, silent warrior who is, after nearly 10 years of meditation and isolation, called upon to defeat his old master and stop his evil plans.