Coin Apocalypse Review

Coin Apocalypse game

Vandenn Games has brought us a interesting new game which will test your skills and reflexes. Coin Apocalypse has straightforward goal, collect dropping coins while avoiding meteors. As the game progress, gameplay speed will increase and collecting the coins becomes harder while avoiding asteroids becomes much more challenging.

Coin Apocalypse offers six features. Statistics area where you can view your playing score and statistics. Instructions area teaches you how to play and game mechanics. Upgrade section is a place where you can purchase different upgrades. These upgrades includes slower meteor, different hats and backgrounds, more health points. Achievements area records all of the achievements you collected by playing Coin Apocalypse. The most important achievement would be Lifetime score. In order to earn this achievement you need to collect amount of 100 000 coins. About section is dedicated to game programmer and this is where you can find contact informations. Finally, play section is where things happen, a place where you can earn coins and test your skills.

Coin Apocalypse gameplay

There is a great number of new video games which utilize pixel art. Graphically, The Coin Apocalypse follows this direction. Graphics are simple yet very easy to distinct. Each ingame character, menu item as well as achievement is inspired by pixel art and follows the overall graphical direction.

The Coin Apocalypse is easy to play and considering the simple and intuitive interface, even the youngest players will enjoy this title. This game makes for a great time killer if you are waiting in line or if you are just looking a way to kill a few spare minutes.

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