Final Ninja Review

final ninja

Final Ninja is the constant reminder how far flash games have come in recent years. If you enjoyed playing previous titles that Nitrome games produced, you will most likely enjoy Final Ninja as well. You lead a ninja, silent warrior who is, after nearly 10 years of meditation and isolation, called upon to defeat his old master and stop his evil plans.

Final Ninja has, hands down, one of the most polished side scrolling gameplays. The game itself is much more than simple platform side scroller as it incorporates nifty new abilities such as stealth mode. You can enter this mode by pressing the button S. This stealth way of playing is very useful in later levels where enemies become much tougher and surrounding proves to be a greater challenge.

final-ninjaClimbing the various platforms has never been more fun as our hero get to use ninja rope and quickly reach distant platforms in order to get power-ups or to avoid more challenging enemies. Ninja rope and ninja stars can be used and thrown by using your mouse for aiming and firing while ninja movement is controlled by arrow keys. You could also use WASD keys to control your hero. Jumping off the walls brings yet another interesting dimension to this game. Ninja can push himself of the walls and therefore reach higher platforms.

Game graphics follow pixel art theme as every unit is designed in this style. Needless to say that environment also follow overall art direction. This will surely be appreciated by players who are nostalgic about old arcade games they used to played as kids.

As you progress through levels, they become increasingly more difficult and challenging and have no problem keeping player’s interest. Don’t be fooled by difficulty of first several levels as game will challenge your skills soon enough. Addictive gameplay with the combination of traditional ninja skills and high tech hacking powers makes Final Ninja a title you should definitely check out!

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