Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Review

Hearthstone review

If you are a fan of trade card games then you will be pleased with the fact that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now in open beta phase. Just like the most TCG, Hearthstone is turn based. Each player have a turn to complete all the moves. However, there are special situation where each player can interrupt other by playing magic cards or invoking hero’s special abilities.

Card selection

Currently, players can choose from exactly 382 different cards and many more are about to come in the form of expansion packs. These special packs introduce new strategies and abilities for players to choose from. Players battle each other using the decks of 30 cards.

One significant difference is that unlike Magic The Gathering and other TCG, Hearthstone does not support trading cards between players. Instead, players can use magic dust to transform undesired cards into more useful cards. It is unsure how players will receive this feature since trading cards has been in the essence of every TCG so far. Also, trading cards gives you a chance to meet and get to know other players from around the world, build friendships and get tactical tips.



Card design

From personal experience as someone who got really serious playing Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic The Gathering trade card games, card design can significantly improve playing experience. While Magic The Gathering had amazing art, Yu-Gi-Oh was not consistent and soon enough cards designs become ridiculous and somehow off. Luckily, Hearthstone has a excellent design and consistent art. Card design follows principles set by Warcraft franchise. Heroes are well known, beautifully designed and in graphical harmony with each other. There, I said it. Those cards would be awesome just to own and playing with them is pure joy.


I must admit, playing Hearthstone is really fun. Developers put special effort in making this TCG as interactive as it can get. For example, when you battle opposing hero, the screen will shake to emphasize attack move. Game offers a free deck builder but you can also choose to build your own deck manually. Decks are built around hero cards and Hearthstone features nine hero classes: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior.

Hearthstone offers five playing modes: Tutorial, Practice mode, Play mode, Arena and Duels. Play mode is a game mode which you will most often play. It matches players against each other by matching skill levels. Players have a choice of playing casual or friendly game, which does not affect ranking and regular ranking game.

Compactibility and operating systems

Needless to say, Blizzard has made this game compatible with wide spread Windows and Mac X platform. The good news for every iPad or android device owner is that portable versions should become available soon after official launch of the game.

If you played trade card games before, you will quickly jump start at Hearthstone and if you never played similar games, Hearthstone is excellent starting point. Each type of player will definitely enjoy playing this game.

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