Nidhogg review

Nidhogg is a interesting indie game created by Messhof studio. So far, this game has won many awards and recognitions despite it’s simple gameplay and 8-bit graphics. This is a fast pace game where your goal is to stab the opponent and turn him into bursting cloud of pixels.

Nidhogg review

It is clear that Nidhogg is primarily multiplayer focused, allowing you to test your sword fighting skills against friends and family. The goal of the game is to reach finish line with your swordsman. In order to win, each player is heading to opposite direction. If you hoped that finish line could be reached by simply avoiding the opponent, Nidhogg has a way of preventing that. There is simple built-in mechanism which determinants which player has the initiative by checking who got the last kill. In this situation, green arrow appears to indicate which player has the momentum.

Sound simple, right? In reality it is that simple, yet the gameplay has a way of sucking you in and keep you playing the game for hours. Nidhogg is a great party game, fun to play and watch. It has built in controller support which is definitely a nice feature to have. In tournament mode, Nidhogg can played by up to eight players.

In conclusion, Nidhogg is very addictive game, built to be played with friends. The only downside is limited number of available stages. Although the stages are nicely designed, players might enjoy in only four of them. This downside however, does not diminish game playability. This game is an excellent choice for any gamer interested in sword fighting. Nidhogg is available on steam and it requires a Windows platform to be played.

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