Tentacle Wars Review

Tentacle Wars is highly addicted strategy game which introduce you to the world of fast paced biological warfare on cellular level. It is not ofter that you encounter flash game which incorporates several different successful aspects of logical games.

Tentacle wars review

You are presented with the task of dominating level and assimilating all enemy cells. Yes, in Tentacle wars you are manipulating biological cells, equipped with the tentacles. Each cell can connect to another one by using those tentacle. Number of tentacles is limited by cell’s strength and this number goes up to three possible connections. Once two cells are connected, cell which extended tentacle starts pumping electric waves to host and therefore reinforcing it and boosting it’s growth rate. If however, connecting exist between two opposing cells, electronic impulses cancel each other and cells fight for supremacy.

Each cell has a number assigned to it. This number represents cell’s strength. More friendly connections to that particular cell and the cell will grow by the faster rate. This feature comes in handy, specially when your particular cell in under attack. Extending tentacles in order to support your cells or to attack enemy cell, spends your health point. In order to reach cells on the greater distances you have to spend even more health points. Once the connection is savored, the cells regain it’s health points spent on forming the connection.

Speed is very important component of almost every tactic you might choose to employ. Tentacle wars will penalize you if you are slow to take action as opponent will quickly develop it’s forces. Play aggressively, expand quickly and get the advantage over your opponent. Always keep you antibodies connected, producing new troops and aiming for the center of the level. By following this guidelines you will dominate level in no time.

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