The Keeper Of 4 Elements Review

the keeper of four elements

The Keeper of 4 elements is the latest strategy game developed by Char Studio. Your goal is to stop evil master from obtaining mystic magic scrolls which would give him a supreme control over four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Each level presents unique challenge, where you need to build just the right combination of towers and stop enemies horde from reaching your base. Each enemy that slips through your defenses lowers your health points by some amount, depending on enemy’s strength. If your health points reaches zero the game will be lost and you will have to retry level. Enemy units move along predefined path and the towers are built next to road.

the keeper of four elements gameplayThere are four types of towers, each corresponding to different kind of magic. Each tower can be upgraded several times. Those upgrades cost money, earned by each successful kill. Make sure that you update towers often as enemies get much tougher really fast.

Every level introduce new type of enemies, each vulnerable to different kind of magic. Mixing tower types is crucial for completing game. However, on later levels I found that combination of earth and air elements is enough for completing levels on any type of difficulty. When in doubt, consult section of the game called Keeperpedia, a kind of interactive encyclopedia containing informations about tower upgrades and enemy types.

If you played Kingdom Rush or Incursion, this game will be familiar. It employs tested and refined tower defense gameplay. Game is visually appealing, but it seems that authors could go one step further and really polish things up. I wish they considered adding heroes to this game, much like Kingdom Rush developers did.

You will be hard pressed to complete each level on every kind of difficulty. This earns you stars which then can be used to buy tower and spell upgrades. There are three levels of difficulty for each map, giving you a chance to earn total of six stars per level. The Keeper of 4 elements is fun and highly addictive game which, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t brings new features to the genre, will definitely bring a lot of fun to anyone who enjoys tower defense games.

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