Zombie Cats Review

zombie cats

Zombie Cats is a great adventure game. In this game you need to guide the dog and help him survive post apocalyptic world crowded with the zombie cats. Actually, this is really fun point & click game. By clicking on different objects on the screen you interact with them and by finding just the right combination of moves you advance to the next stage. Often there is a time limit attached to scene, so you need to move fast. Task are completed under the pressure as zombie cats approach. If cats reach the dog, it’s game over and the scene need to be repeated. Luckily, you are free to repeat the scenes as many times as you want until you sort the right order of moves.

zombie cats gameplayEach scene is a separate challenge. Once you completed all the tasks the scene have to offer, you need to click on the dog in order to advance to next level.

Zombie Cats is a interesting and addictive game. Graphics are decent and the puzzles follow tradition of old point & click adventure games. The only thing about this game that we could complain about is length. Just as you get a hang around the game it suddenly ends. There are many walkthroughs available online to help you complete the game. However, you won’t probably need any of those. Tasks and puzzles are not too complex so even the youngest gamers will beat this game in no time. Game mastered large amount of followers and possible sequel should not surprise anyone.

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